If you want to get an idea of ​​MON MARGIN then it is fashion that embodies a familiar lightness. The simplicity of the materials and the timeless style paired with simple elegance and casual fits represent the unmistakable MON MARGIN look.
The designer of the house, Diana Marginean lives and breathes fashion from an early age. When she was already designing her first collections and the MON MARGIN brand was born, she was 42 years old and believed in her dream from the start. She is completely obsessed and totally in love with your creations from the start.
'' It wasn't possible to think of anything else, I really wanted to create something beautiful that women would love and want to wear, and that hasn't changed to this day. I was finally able to make my dream come true. It felt right from the start. I was a newbie and wasn't afraid to walk this path, my desire to make my dream come true was much stronger. ''
She expands the collection and perfects your creations and creates an unmistakable look - the MON MARGIN look. This is characterized by high-cut collars and wide skirts as well as a casual fit in elegant black and white or in classic red. The first collections are created in warm Andalusia. where she regularly spends her holidays. Inspired by the warm Andalusian sun and the scent of the orange trees, she created her first summer collection.
The creations of MON MARGIN are classic, a modern look characterized by clean lines and timeless colors combined with the iconic signatures of the house. Modern evening dresses can be combined during the day with a comfortable look with flat sandals and also with high heels in the evening.
House designer Diana Marginean transforms t-shirts and sweaters adorned with iconic house prints into contemporary garments, combining them with ready-to-wear elements to create the unmistakable MON MARGIN look.
In the short time the first winter collection of the house is created.
Exceptional sweaters and accessories are made in the MON MARGIN studios with perfect craftsmanship.
The knit creations emphasize a casual fit. The special features of the collection are soft materials, neutral colors such as grey, pastel green and the classic red combined with iconic signatures, incorporated with perfect craftsmanship. These stylishly adapt to the modern look of today's women.
When we create the collections, we always go back to the first characteristics that, from the beginning, constitute the style of the brand and represent the signature of the house. The dedication to craftsmanship is visible in every step we take, it's something you can see in the collections today.
A classic MON MARGIN look feels like a stylish uniform that makes me feel like you can wear it every day. It's a little edgee, romantic and comfortable at the same time.
'' MON MARGIN is more than just an everyday thought - it's my favorite thought every day. ''