The Company


was founded in 2019 by Diana Marginean. MON MARGIN has been undergoing creative development since 2019. It is a challenge to reflect the craftsmanship and creativity in the ready to wear, haute couture and soft accessories collections.
From the very beginning, MON MARGIN made it its mission to optimally combine creativity and ideas through craftsmanship and passion.

Creative Director

Diana Marginean has been creative director of MON MARGIN since 2019. It is also the beginning of an evolution for the French-style brand. A feeling and understanding of craftsmanship and the traditions of the house are transmitted within the family at a young age.

' I knew as a child that I wanted to do something creative. I was surrounded by craftsmanship when I was at school and even then I was fascinated by the power of craftsmanship. That was of great importance for the further development of my passion.'

After graduating from school, Diana Marginean plunges into the world of fashion and discovers the great power of fashion. It represents beauty and elegance. This is of great importance for the further development of a dream. This was of great importance for today's understanding of fashion.


Each collection expresses beauty and elegance. The passion and craftsmanship are carried over into every couture and prét-a-porter collection. The Prét-a-porter line for women embodies aesthetics and timeless beauty.

MON MARGIN - Les Ateliers

The Haute Couture creations are a collection of unique dresses, handcrafted in the house's ateliers in harmony with craftsmanship and passion.

Our concern

The completion and presentation of the creations is closely related to people. We always act in an environmentally conscious manner when we create our collections and sustainability is important to us.