Climate Change and Suistainability


100% sourcing of responsibly sourced raw materials such as cotton and silk. MON MARGIN continuously develops from collection to collection and ensures optimization of work processes to improve sustainability. MON MARGIN stands for a classic, unique and timeless style.
MON MARGIN designs and creates fashion that is long-lasting, so resources are used optimally and in an environmentally friendly way. At the same time, this ensures low energy consumption and the use of resources is used efficiently. Every season, MON MARGIN ensures that sustainable and environmentally friendly resources are used when planning and creating its creations.

The work processes are carefully considered, even leftover materials that arise from a collection are used sensibly, so that 90% of all resources are optimally planned into the collection. This means the environment can be protected by reducing CO2 emissions and waste incineration. A low inventory of products at MON MARGIN also reduces the impact on the environment.
Our studio develops products that are based on demand and thus ensures that products and collections do not become outdated and there is no oversupply. The studios ensure reduced and efficient energy consumption.


MON MARGIN feels responsible for transparency and is committed to careful monitoring of supply chains. Sustainable raw materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere and silk are the materials from which MON MARGIN creations are made every season.

MON MARGIN's packaging serves to protect the valuable products for the company's customers. Boxes are 100% recyclable and are made from 100% mixed fibers.
The MON MARGIN boxes can be folded for convenient transport and thus help to reduce CO2 through a smaller footprint and short transport distances.